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** Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday for honoring and mourning the military members who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. My dad served in WWII onboard a transport ship in the South Pacific. When the attack alarm sounded, he manned a turret, firing a .50 cal. automatic weapon. Another sailor would turn the turret while dad aimed at an oncoming kamikaze; Japanese plane loaded with explosives. I once ask him if he ever shot one down. He replied the ship was moving, the turret was moving, and the plane was moving, so it was hard to tell which gun hit its target; crashing the plane in the ocean. Other ships were not so lucky. Just days before his death, dad confessed that for years he felt guilty for surviving the war when almost 300,000 died. I assured dad God had a plan for his life, and supernaturally saved him. If none of those guns on dad’s ship had hit the planes, I wouldn’t be here to write this Word.

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