Mikey Westfield- Recognized as Officer of the Month

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BCSO Deputy Mikey Westfield is being recognized as the Honda of Cleveland Officer of the Month. Officer of the month highlights usually occur by a deputy’s actions taken on-duty. This time, however, the recognition comes from an off-duty intervention.
On August 27, 2022, while at a sports complex in Cookeville, TN, our off-duty deputy, Michael Westfield, was alerted of auto burglaries occurring in the parking lot of the complex and the suspects trying to flee. Westfield apprehended one of the suspects, a juvenile, before he was able to leave. Westfield remained with the juvenile until Cookeville Police arrived.
In the moments while waiting, Westfield had a meaningful conversation with the young man. As a result, the other suspects were not only convinced to return to the scene, but also to return all of the stolen property. Because of Mikey’s decisive action, communication skills and collaboration with Cookeville Police Department, the incident was quickly resolved, and all of the stolen property was returned to the owners.

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