Elderly Woman Robbed in Her Home During a Scam

A police report was filed by an elderly Cleveland resident who was approached in her home by three men asking if she was interested in purchasing linoleum flooring. The three men entered her home and began showing her flooring samples. After the men left, the elderly victim entered her bedroom and found her dresser drawers opened and enveloped scattered around. She then realized that $2,000 cash was missing from the envelopes. It was stated by the victim that one of the men walked back to her bedroom while she was occupied with the flooring demonstration.
The three men were white males and drove to her home in a white long bed pickup truck. The truck did not have business advertising stickers.
If you have elderly friends or family members, please share this story in hopes to prevent these types of theft from our vulnerable population.
Anyone with information about this crime or the suspects is urged to call Detective Warner at 423-476-1121.

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