Bradley County law enforcement create accountability initiative: Tag Me Out

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Tag me out

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. – The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Cleveland TN Police Department, and Charleston Police Department have come together to devise an accountability initiative called TAG ME OUT. This initiative will be adopted by the training divisions of the affiliated agencies, complimenting the anti-discrimination training already set in place. The TAG ME OUT mission statement and primary purpose are as follows:


The law enforcement agencies of Bradley County have collaborated to establish an accountability initiative called TAG ME OUT as a united effort to compliment professional community relationships and to ensure ethical protection to ALL citizens. TAG ME OUT is a joint effort between the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Cleveland Police Department, and Charleston Police Department to enforce accountability and responsibility among the law enforcement officers of their respective jurisdictions.


The purpose of TAG ME OUT is to ensure that the law enforcement officers of Bradley County are following their training to provide ethical protection and safety to all citizens, regardless of circumstances or representation. It will also serve to empower officers with shared accountability to conduct all work-related interactions with excellence and respect for humanity. Should an officer from any of the involved agencies observe another officer acting out of heightened emotion or treating a citizen in any way that is inhuman, he or she is to physically “tag” that officer out and assume control of the situation.

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